I’m sitting back enjoying a coffee on this Christmas Eve afternoon, reflecting on 2016, and the wonderful people in our lives.

It’s been a year of significant change for all of us at 3 Pine Street.  Some of us have our studios as our main source of income, some secondary income, some hobbyists.  All of us have plenty of equipment and supplies and for the first 7 months of the year we worried of what would become of our businesses, our studios and our things.

Beginning in late July, as we embarked on our new adventure of the demo and rebuild in our new place, our focus changed.  Excitement of our potential, concern over funding, coordinating contractors and working out studio spaces.  All became a 24-7 work in progress for us.

Now, we are happily settled.  The holiday season has been exciting for us.  We received our Certificate of Occupancy just in time for our Grand Opening Celebration weekend.  And just this past week we hosted our first Holiday Party.

We are now open, regular working hours.   If you happen to be downtown or coming off the Broad Street Parkway, look for our “open” flag.  If it’s flying high, we are open and welcome you in.  Come for a look around, maybe purchase a handmade gift for yourself or someone else.  Schedule a class or two, or commission one of us for a special piece.  We will be happy to see you.

We hope you are enjoying the holidays, and a Happy New Year to you too!!!